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Don’t Memorise is an Online Education platform which hosts courses for math, science, test prep and similar educational content.

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Many videos are accessible without signing in. However, most courses do need the viewer to be signed in to access all content. Being a registered user unlocks many features which improve the user’s learning experience. Enrolling for entire courses, bookmarking favorite videos, attempting quizzes and being able to access what matters from your very own personal dashboard are some of the features which you can avail of after signing in. Don’t worry, there is no cost to being a registered user. So why not?

The objective of our videos is to help achieve a solid understanding of the basics of any given topic. Repeated viewing, along with reasonable amount of practice, will consolidate all the knowledge. The content on this site will definitely point you in the direction of acing your tests, but we do not “teach to the test”

The content of our videos is geared towards students gaining knowledge at their own pace. Guidance from good tutors is vital and will fix weaknesses, enhance strengths and recommend a way forward.

Absolutely not! The need for staying in touch through practice holds good for any kind of knowledge. Lack of practice causes our brain to eject some knowledge in lieu of newer content. Unused knowledge decays with time. The only way to overcome that is to practice. In the same way as you practice sport, academics should be practiced too!

Quite often there are different ways to understand things and different solutions to the same problem. They all lead up to the same answer. To achieve a good score at school, it is definitely a good idea to stick to ways taught in your school. As long as you understand the topic well, that won’t be a challenge. As far as real life is concerned, of course, it is best to choose the most practical way. We attempt to show the simplest and most logical ways to come up with answers. If you feel there is a better way, do let us know your Suggestions for Enhancements through our Contact Form.
Though we try very hard to ensure all content is free of errors, it doesn’t surprise us when our eagle eye viewers like yourself, notice some faults. We are grateful for your high level of attention in picking up the error. Please send us all possible details through the Error Fix through our Contact Form. If it is related to a particular video, you could also use the Feedback button on the video player to point the flaw. We would appreciate it even more if you offer us the possible fix.
There are many ways of explaining most things in life. We choose to show the simplest and most logical way which we know, for better practical use and ease of understanding. We appreciate, that in several cases, there probably are better explanations which we are unaware of. Please let us know your Suggestions for Enhancements through our Contact Form how we could have done a better job. We would be grateful if you could explain to us, in detail, your preferred way. We are happy to learn from you and happier to share it with the rest of the world.
We are planning to introduce many new features and improve the usability of the website. If you have any specific suggestions that would help us decide where to direct our efforts, please write to us your Suggestions for New Features through our Contact Form.
We would like to as well! But we have just started creating content. Over time we plan to add more content to the library. If you have any specific subject in mind, please let us know your Requests for New Subjects and Topics through our Contact Form and we will try and garner resources to meet your request. Ask your friends to do the same. The more the requests for a particular subject, the better the chances we will act faster.
We would like you to tell us what we are not doing right. That is the only way you can be assured of content which meets your needs. You are the only ones who can judge us without bias. So more than what you like, we want to know what you don’t like and why. It would be great if you could send in Suggestions for Enhancements through our Contact Form. We take all your feedback very seriously.

Yes, of course you may. In this way, you will ensure that your friends are keeping pace with you. More than competition, this will lead to healthy co-operation. Your friends will help you with their own inputs. The more viewership we get, the more content we create! We all perform better together.

There are many extensive features which can be incorporated and taken advantage of at a school level. Please get in touch with us through our Contact form to arrange a demo and we will offer you all possible assistance in the technical and academic setup.

Our content can be used by tutors to support students whilst reviewing or learning a certain topic for the first time. The videos allow you to pause at key points to ensure understanding. Students can also be asked to watch a few videos before coming to class. This will free up time to focus on what was understood and what was not as opposed to introducing an unfamiliar topic from scratch.

Our videos are an ideal way of refreshing knowledge in order to support a child’s learning and move along with them as they gather pace academically.

You may enroll into as many courses as you wish. There is no limit.

The Add to Dashboard button is not visible after a course has been successfully enrolled into. Have a look at your Dashboard to check if you are already enrolled in that particular course.

A quiz can be attempted only if the course has been enrolled into. To enroll into a course, click on the Add to Dashboard button which is seen alongside each course.

Bookmarking and Sharing are features available only when signed in.

Bookmarking and Sharing are features available only when signed in.

In Latin ‘diem’ means day, but it’s also what we affectionately call the place where we bring learning to life everyday – Don’t Memorise or ‘DM’.

You may have heard the phrase ‘carpe diem’ or ‘seize the day’. For us this means pushing boundaries and taking on new challenges each day, to make your learning journey an extraordinary adventure. We want to share this thrill with you. Soon you will be able to challenge your learning with our upcoming quizzes and quests. Along the way you will earn ‘Diems’ allowing you to unlock exciting rewards. Stay tuned for more details when our currency, the ‘Diem”, goes live.

Technical FAQs

The videos should play on most updated browsers and on various operating systems. However, should you experience any difficulties, please use our Contact Form and provide us your as many details as possible such as your pc, operating system, browser and internet speed.
If you are connected to a mobile network streaming can often suffer if the network slows down. It should resume to normal streaming when the network recovers. Connecting to Wi-Fi is normally the best solution for stable streaming. For any other issues please use our Contact Form and provide us with as many details as you can about your portable device, mobile network 4G/3G/2G, Wi-Fi internet speeds.
There are several ways and several gadgets that will help you watch the videos on your TV e.g. Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire. Some of the new smart televisions are capable of this feature without the need for any add-on device. For further advice on related Technical Issues use our Contact Form and provide us with the details of the equipment you plan to use.
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