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"We've been creating educational videos for over 5 years now. That's what we love doing, and after crossing over 150M views, I want the world to benefit through our expertise."

We’ve recently started a new vertical to provide Educational Video Creation Services to individuals and companies. Many of our clients can already make videos themselves, but they commission DM Studios because they know we have the secret sauce that enables them to really educate their audience.

We can create almost all types of videos, but our expertise lies in :

If you wish to get videos created through us, please write to us by filling this form here. I'm excited to learn more about your project.

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DM Studios

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If you have watched our videos, your heart probably knows the answer. We’re real educators. We’re teachers first, and everything else second. We love explaining concepts by breaking them down further into simpler parts. We also have one of the fastest growing Educational Channels in India, which can help you with outreach. There are many more reasons but I think you are pretty convinced already 😉

Well, you can. Infact we want you to try that once. Because if you do, chances of you coming back to this page are higher 🙂

We are not going to tell you that agencies are expensive and they are not really educators. Infact, we want you to try this out too! Because if you do, again, chances of you coming back to this page are higher 🙂

Yes of course. However, creating videos takes time and requires an investment. Make sure you are comfortable with both.

At the moment, no. But we will explore this option in the coming months.

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