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"In order to educate billion learners online, knowledge partners need to work closely with the online educators that have outreach"

I'll try to explain Co-creation Labs in the simplest possible way!

I asked myself this simple question. If I really have to educate a billion learners, what should I really do?

I started making note of the points I should focus on over the coming years, and guess what topped the list? Content! Lots more content! Tech, Sales, Marketing, Hiring will help; but none of these things can be done if we don’t have enough content.

Pretty obvious isn’t it? Yes, but the next question I asked myself was “How?”. How do I create more content in a scalable way? And fast of course. If I use the traditional approach of hiring more content experts in order to generate more content, then I would either fail or go too slowly.

And then there was this moment of epiphany!

I realised that there are plenty of individuals or companies (let’s call them Knowledge Partners) out there that are extremely knowledgeable and many of them have already created a lot of content mostly in a purely textual format(books/blogs etc.).

Well well well; but we all know what the medium of this century is: Video!! So how about this? We co-create educational video content by partnering with the Knowledge Partners! How?

Simple: The Knowledge Partner shares their knowledge bank with us, and we help them with two things they need the most: Educational video creation skills, and Outreach!

Sounds cool right? But how does it really work? Here's a simple image

Yes, we expect the KP to co-produce the content with us. Both: KP and DM share the production costs, the content is marketed through the DM platform and revenue is shared with the KP.

Why is this model better?

It’s a win-win for both parties. With just a one-time effort, the KP gains in the following ways:

And Don’t Memorise gets a chance to move towards its journey of educating more students 🙂

If you wish to co-create educational video content with us, please write to us by filling this form here. I'm excited to see you join me in a journey to educate a billion learners.

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Co-creation Labs

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PS : Before you write to us, please go through the FAQs below 🙂


If you have watched our videos, your heart probably knows the answer. We’re real educators. We’re teachers first, and everything else second. We love explaining concepts by breaking them down further into simpler parts. We also have one of the fastest growing Educational Channels in India, which can help you with outreach. There are many more reasons but I think you are pretty convinced already 😉

Well, you can. Infact we want you to try that once. Because if you do, chances of you coming back to this page are higher :).

We are not going to tell you that agencies are expensive and they are not really educators. Infact, we want you to try this out too! Because if you do, chances of you coming back to this page are higher 🙂

Blogs are great, but only for people that enjoy reading, have a good attention span and have a lot more time on thier hands. The percentage of people with all 3 is pretty low and we all know that.

Yes of course. However, creating courses takes time and requires an investment. Make sure you are comfortable doing both.

You are not paying us. We are both sharing the costs. We’ve tried agreements where the Knowledge Partner just gives us the content for an upfront fee, but this never really works well in the long run. When you start sharing the production costs of creating video content, you are more involved in the project. This will give us better output and more audience in the future.

At the moment, we are focusing on the K-10 segment. So any course that will help students or teachers in the K-10 segment can be created provided both parties are mutually happy to create it

The topics for which we have created the videos are varied. We started off with math and science, test prep, vedic math, and have now evolved to create content for topics like Teacher Training, Abacus, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship etc.

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