Genetics Basics

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The DNA molecule is best studied under the branch of GENETICS. In this learning playlist, we will explore the basic topics in genetics starting from its roots. These videos will help you understand how the foundations of Genetics were laid. You will get introduced to the remarkable laws put forth by Gregor Mendel, the Father of genetics. These laws will not only help you understand Genetics but also have several real-life applications! As you progress through the playlist you will also get introduced to the concept of chromosomes, genes, and the DNA molecule and what these are made up of. These structures in the living cell literally define the characteristics of all living organisms on earth! Through these videos, you will learn how the molecule replicates, and the theories put forth to explain that. Lastly, you will have a look at what happens if there are errors while replicating the DNA molecule or in the complete chromosome! That is, you will be introduced to an interesting concept called “Mutations ”. Learn the basics of “GENETICS ” in this playlist!

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