Tie Up With Don't Memorise

Looking to enhance your edtech solution with captivating video content? Don’t Memorise is always on the look out to tie up with like-minded educational organisations. If you are one of them, and want to embed YouTube content/Licence full video content or collaborate in any other way we would love to hear from you! 

Here are some of the ways Don’t Memorise ties up with organisations:

The Don’t Memorise YouTube channel has some of our video content that can be embedded in 3rd party websites at no cost! Over 300 organisations already host our videos on their website directly from YouTube. The process couldn’t be simpler and the Don’t Memorise Team are on hand to provide guidance.
Integrate our full video content, hosted on Vimeo, on e-learning platforms under licence. We offer a range of flexible solutions to meet the individual requirements of organisations. The Don’t Memorise team also provide required technical support and advice with regard to this. Hindustan Times Learning Centres, Convegenius, Adani Foundation Schools to name a few are using our content under licence to reach out to thousands of students!
Give licenced content a white label feel! At Don’t Memorise we understand the importance of retaining branding when using 3rd party content.  For an additional cost, licenced video content can be customised with organisations’ logos etc.